Kit DIY Sewing


Sewing is back in fashion. Either to save money or for the simple pleasure of creating something out of passion or out of curiosity; our Miniature sewing room will not disappoint anyone.

It’s not true that only grannies sew

¡How relaxing it can be, spending a few hours listening to good music and sewing a new dress for dinner with your friends!
Not only sewing, but crochet, knitting, patchwork and other techniques that use yarns, wool and fabrics. With so many patterns, left-over material, scissors and threads we’ll soon stop being amateurs and become professionals.

This ambiance that recreates a SEWING room could be the workshop of a fine couturier.  And it has all the necessary details. Sewing machine, thread, several types of fabric, a mannequin for trying on the dresses. In this case, your materials will be wood, decorated paper, cut-outs, and scissors, glue and paints.
Everything you need to personalize your bathroom to your liking or following Piccola Cosa’s proposal.

Discover a world of details …

… and let yourself be carried away by your imagination.

The tape measure, the magazines with the latest collections from Paris. Hurry up with the backstitching to finish the skirt.

How do we make ourl Kit DIY Costura?

You just have to let yourself be carried away by your creativity.
Piccola Cosa proposes a combination so you can copy this ambiance, although we already know that you will give those little or great personal touches that will make it uniquely yours. And we do not expect less from you. 🙂

See how we did it and give it your personal touch.
Use patterned papers that you will find in the downloads section. There’s a lot to choose from and they’re free.

What will you find in the kit DIY sewing?

Do you like it?

Then, visit our store to buy this kit DIY Sewing

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