Bathroom shelf

Here I’m again!
We will decorate the shelf as same as the stool, to create a harmony between both furnitures.

Estantería en miniatura. Una lámina de papel craft para forrar la estantería y una puntilla.

We begin measuring the base of the shelf and transport the measures on the reverse of the patterned paper. The lace must be longer than the base. It must include the measure of the shelf laterals.

Una puntilla. Estantería en miniatura. Medidas de la estantería a lápiz en el papel craft.

Paint the shelf with the same pink colour of the stool. When the paint will be dry, glue the paper in the shelf and then the lace. Be carefull to cover the ribber of the paper and including the lateral.

And here we have the shelf, restored.
Ready to hang up!

Estantería en miniatura forrada con el papel craft y la puntilla alrededor. Sales de baño, perfume y jarrón de cristal con rosa encima de la estantería.

I love the rose. It gives a little of colour! And combines perfectly with my perfume bottle.

Miniature shelving hanging on the wall of the miniature bathroom ambiance.

I hope you likes my recycling labour of this little and loved furnitures.

Do you have some to restore? If you have, I encourage you to make the restoration, too… And don’t hesitate to send me an image showing the after and before.

Now, if you allow me, I want both take a bath in the warm candlelight ….

Miniature bathroom ambiance with a candle in the exterior.

See you soon!!!

Get your accesories

The bath salts, the perfume bottle next to the talcum podwer and the glass vase you can get in thte “complements” section in our store.

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