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I’m cooking today! Let’s see … boeuf bourguignon, Roast Beef, risotto al nero di sepia, paella, or of course a crispy loaf of country bread. This miniature kitchen offers an infinite variety of possibilities. Doesn’t it?

Melancholy at its best.

What cosy winter evenings in your the grandparents’ house, warmed by the kitchen range! The aromas from the pans of delicious stews. Undoubtedly, cherished memories of past years. Your grandfather’s stories, bread with chocolate and a good bowl of milk.

This kit DIY Kitchen comes equipped with hidden memories among the pots and pans. And for cooking them up your materials will be wood, patterned paper, cut-outs, and scissors, glue and paints.
Everything you need to personalize your bathroom to your liking or following Piccola Cosa’s proposal.

Discover a world of details …

… and let yourself be carried away by your imagination.

We’ll need dishes, fruit bowls and fruit. You can never have too many in a kitchen worth its salt. And by the way, where is the cured sausage? Unluckily, someone has finished it off. You may find some hidden treasure behind the cupboard doors.

How do we make our kit DIY kitchen?

You just have to let yourself be carried away by your creativity.
Piccola Cosa proposes a combination so you can copy this ambiance, although we already know that you will give those little or great personal touches that will make it uniquely yours. And we do not expect less from you. 🙂

See how we did it and give it your personal touch.
You can use the patterned papers that we have in the downloads section; they’re completely free..

What will you find in you Kit DIY KITCHEN?

Do you like it?

Then, visit our store to buy this kit DIY Kitchen.

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