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Hello there! Here, again with you, to have a good time together.

For some time now, I have been thinking about something I urgently need: a folding screen. When you comes to my sewing room to try your clothes, you always have to go to the bathroom for dress your new clothes. Why not to instal a screen to preserve your intimity and t the same time, decorates the room?

How a folder screen is made?

Material we will need:

  • A folding screen image. (You can download for free in our free downloads).
  • A printed fabric and smooth one
  • thin cardboard
  • colored cardboard
  • colored pencils or watercolors
  • scissors or cutter
  • two rules
  • a brush
  • white glue
  • glitter glue
  • a pencil
  • a ballpoint pen
  • tracing paper
  • buttons, beads. pieces of glass, ..
  • ribbon with fringes or tassels
Material to make a screen: template of a heavy cardboard screen, scraps, rulers, white glue, colored pencils, scissors, beads, ..

We begin by coloring the frame of the folding screen with a colored pencil or watercolor. Remember that the cardboard where you print the image of the screen must be thick so that it has consistency and hold once we put it up.

Folding screen template. Frames in reddish color.

The four rectangles of the screen will be upholstered separately. For this we need to make four templates of thin cardboard. We get them by tracing only a rectangle with tracing paper.

Tracing paper to trace the different parts of the screen with a pencil and a ruler.

We turn tracing sheet behind and go over again the whole silhouette with pencil. We turn it over, place it on top of the cardboard and transfer the silhouette to it, reviewing it with a pencil and a ruler until we get the four rectangles.

One of the rectangular parts of the screen moved and transferred to a cardboard.

we cut them with a cutter and a rule.

Cut with the cutter, the rectangles of the cardboard.

Once the fabrics are chosen, we calculate that they fit two templates in each one leaving 1cm more for each side and we draw a dividing line in the fabric.

How is it upholstered?

Each rectangle of cardboard is placed on top of a piece of fabric larger than this one. Two rectangles with floral print and the other two green with polka dots.

Glue the cardboard to the fabric with white glue.

The rectangular cardboard is glued to the fabric with white glue.

If we cover it like this, cutting the corners a little, they will be well covered.

With the leftover fabric we lined the cardboard box with a little white glue. The corners of the cardboard are covered by the fabric.

If we cover them in this way it is easier but you have to make sure that the corners are well covered.

Another easier way to line the cardboard but the corners are not so covered.

We put the upholstered parts in their corresponding place, without sticking, to see how they are. The boxes on the bottom can be made this time of cardboard, to give more contrast to the upholstery, choosing a color that harmonizes and contrasts with the rest of the colors. To do this we repeat the same process of tracing.

The four rectangles of the screen are already upholstered. The other four square parts of the screen are traced on a green card.

Now we have everything ready to paste.

The rectangular parts above and the square parts below are ready to paste into the template.

How is it varnished?

But first, to give the feeling of varnish, apply a light layer of glitter glue (as pictured) or white glue on the screen frames.

Apply a light layer of glue with glitter to the colored frames of the screen to give a varnish feeling.

We put different beads that we have chosen to see how they look.

Tiny round crystals glued on the parts of the folding screen already upholstered as a decorative element.

Before gluing the pieces in the folding screen we folded each one of the sections using two rules.

The different parts of the screen are folded. Use two rules to help.

Let’s check if your small screen can stay standing … Yes, it is small but strong!

The folding screen stay standing to verify if it's ok.

Now is the time to paste the tapestries. We can use a small weighing object to facilitate the gluing.

The rectangular parts are glued to the screen by alternating the patterns.
Detail of the pictures of green cardboard with the glass pieces stuck before place them to the screen.

And finally a vintage touch: a ribbon with fringes or tassels.

The screen appears with all its parts upholstered and glued. In the upper part of the green upholstery with polka dots, a ribbon with tassels is glued horizontally.

Yes, yes, … it is still holding. I think I have a fonding screen for years ..

The folding screen appears standing with a hanger on one side, made with a felt cord.

And that’s how it looks in my “Atelier”! Fantastic, I can continue chatting with you while you dress up behind him …

The folding screen is placed in the Sewing room, decorating the ambiance.

I hope you liked it! Of course, I will be very happy to see your own screen, made with your personal stamp that, surely, I will love.

See you soon!!!!

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