Kit DIY Baby

Kit DIT baby room

The arrival of a baby at home awakens the desire for beautiful things. We take care of the smallest details to receive the new member of the family. Child forms and a world of colors in the baby’s room.

Toy trains and dolls

Pink or blue? And why not also green, red, yelow, orange. A baby has lots of colours. As many as moods. The tenderness of a pink caress, the desperate red crying that awakens him at midnight, the playful green that hides in the sheets or the relaxed blue after a bath.

Our BABY room has everything to be functional and coquette. Discover all we can do with wood, decorated paper, scissors, glue or paints.
Everything you need to personalize your bathroom to your liking, or you can follow Piccola Cosa’s proposal.

You can choose the patterned paper you prefer in our download section. Easy and completely free.

Discover a world of details…

… and let yourself be carried away by your imagination.

Cotton clouds, bunnies and diapers. A mobile of balloons or a soft bear. Beware of the train on the ground! It takes a walk for the cute dolls.

How we do it?

You just have to let yourself be carried away by your creativity.
Piccola Cosa proposes a combination so you can copy this ambiance, although we already know that you will give it all those little or great personal touches that will make it uniquely yours. And we expect no less from you. 🙂

See how we did it and give it your personal touch.

What will you find in the kit DIY Baby?

 Do you like it?

Then, visit our store to buy this Kit DIY Baby.
You will also find other decoration elements, por complement your BABY room miniature ambiance.

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