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Skate feature

I have always been struck by those small pieces of wood that hang on the doors of the rooms of the house. A plate for door.

Besides of decorative it tell us to who belongs that room or who hides behind the door … On this occasion I am very excited to decorate one for the athlete in the family. Are you with me?

How to decorate an Skate door plate?

Materials that we are going to need for the Skate door plate:

Materials for Skate door plate

This craft can be done in two ways: tracing the landscape drawing on a tracing sheet and re-tracing it directly on the wooden surface or coloring the drawing on the paper and sticking it to the wood. I have chosen the first option because, although it may take us a little longer, it is most entertaining to color directly on the wood since it is very thin and allows us a perfect sliding of the pencils and felt pens on its surface.

We begin by tracing the drawing with a pencil, fixing with tape the tracing sheet so that it does not move.

Once traced, we turn over the tracing paper and retrace the drawing by pressing a little more with the pencil.

Manualidades. Repasamos dibujo fondo skate

Once it is re-traced we turn it again. Now the drawing is ready to transfer to wood. To do this, we place it above the oval and fix it again with tape. We trace it again by doing a little pressure with the pencil.

When removing the paper will see how the lines has been etched into the wood.

Traspasamos dibujo a madera cartel puerta skate

With the drawing already visible on the wood we begin to give color to the sky, the palm trees … You will see how well it is colored!

A tip: for surfaces such as the sky or the sea, it is preferable that the tips of the pencils are not very sharp but to define the silhouettes of birds, clouds, sun and palm trees better to do it with the sharpest tip or with very fine felt pens.

Later I’ll explain you how to do the clouds.

Pintar cartel puerta skate

How to do the road?

To color the road you can do it directly on the wood or by printing the sheet you have available. If you choose the second option you have to trace only the drawing of the road by reviewing it at the back, turning it and placing it on top of the gray sheet.

Carretera cartel

Once marked the pencil we cut it.

Silhouette road skate plate

And we glue it on top of the oval plate, fitting it in its corresponding place.

Glue the road in the plate

The clouds will be whiter if we trace them on a sheet by reviewing the silhouette with a marker or pencil.

Landscape clouds

A little more!

We mark the dashed lines of the road with a white pencil. If you have a pastel pencil it will look more and if not, on top of the white pencil, you can add with a brush a little white paint (water paint, gouache, acrylic paint) to contrast more.

Líneas blancas carretera cartel skate

Finally we cut the letters “SKATE” leaving a small white margin and paste them as you see in the image.

Cartel puerta skate terminado

Yes now! Mission accomplished!

I look forward to an image of your door plate, with that personal touch of yours. Do you already know where you are going to hang it?

Don’t forget to send it to me so I can share it!

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