Kit DIY Sewing


Sewing is back in fashion. Either to save money or for the simple pleasure of creating something out of passion or out of curiosity; our Miniature sewing room will not disappoint anyone.

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Kit DIY kitchen

I’m cooking today! Let’s see … boeuf bourguignon, Roast Beef, risotto al nero di sepia, paella, or of course a crispy loaf of country bread. This miniature kitchen offers an infinite variety of possibilities. Doesn’t it?

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Kit DIY Baby

Kit DIT baby room

The arrival of a baby at home awakens the desire for beautiful things. We take care of the smallest details to receive the new member of the family. Child forms and a world of colors in the baby’s room.

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Kit DIY Bathroom

A relaxing bubble bath after a non-stop day. The daily rush and hustle have no place in our miniature bathroom. Admiring the landscape from our old bathtub is a luxury. And then we perfume ourselves for the occasion.

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