Kit DIY Bathroom

A relaxing bubble bath after a non-stop day. The daily rush and hustle have no place in our miniature bathroom. Admiring the landscape from our old bathtub is a luxury. And then we perfume ourselves for the occasion.

Functional and beautiful.

Your miniature bathroom allows you to dream in miniature. If on the other hand, the bathroom in your house is far from resembling this one, at least you will have this coquettish bathroom. Your collection of perfumes on the shelf will allow you to choose the best one for the time of day.

Curtains on the window to protect your privacy; golden taps match the soap holder and finally the when bath time comes, our bathrobe is hanging on the wall and our towels are placed just so. But we are not going to use soap and water.
Your materials will be wood, decorated paper, cut-outs, plasticine and scissors, glue and paints.
Everything you need to personalize your bathroom to your liking, or you can follow Piccola Cosa’s proposal.

Discover a world of details …

… and let yourself be carried away by your imagination.

Mirror, mirror on the wall: Who’s the fairest of all?…
Of course: It’s you.
ecause a bathroom without a mirror does not have a soul, we suggest two mirrors. One on the wall and a hand mirror. Which one would the wicked witch in Snow-White use?

How we do it ?

You just have to let yourself be carried away by your creativity.
Piccola Cosa proposes a combination so you can copy this ambiance, although we already know that you will give it all those little or great personal touches that will make it uniquely yours. And we expect no less from you. 🙂

See how we did it and give it your personal touch.
You can choose the patterned paper you prefer in our free downloads.

What will you find in the Kit DIY Bathrom?

Do you like it?

Then, visit our store to buy this Kit DIY Bathrom.

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